The Smart Way to Collect Pots

AutoSplit makes it easy for organisers to collect payments for any occasion with a simple payment link.

Group Payments Sorted

Collect Payments in 3 Simple Steps

1. Create Collection Pot

Create your collection pot and define the amount per person

2. Add Friends

Enter the names of the people who need to pay and we will chase them up for you

3. Share Payment Link

Share the pot link to your What's App Group and AutoSplit does the rest

Group Collections
Made Easy

Save the hassle of chasing your group for their share of the occasion. Automate the process and let Autosplit count the pounds owed and chase non-payers.

Embarrassed to ask for IOU's?
We got this.

Deploy a smooth way to collect funds for your next social event, birthday gift or sporting activity.

We got this covered

AutoSplit Features
Don't be left out of pocket

Collecting money owed to you is your right. However, asking friends for small payments can be embarrassing. Let AutoSplit do it politely. 

Group Payment Links

Instead of sharing out your bank account and sort code, collect in a slick way using payment links.

Auto Reminders

AutoSplit allows you to set manual and automatic reminders to chase payments.

Highlight Non-Payers

Highlight people that have not paid by showing a list of who have paid.

Easy to Collect Payments

What's App AutoSplit
payment links

We have made it easy for you to share the payment links directly to your What’s App groups.

Why Organisers Love using AutoSplit

Frequently asked questions

What are you thinking?

We only take 5% of each payment collected. Let's say you're owed £40.00, we take £2.00. This is to cover the payment processing fees. However, you can split the fees across all people so you don't lose out.
Our users love AutoSplit because it always used a friendly tone to chase payments. But also, you can customise the wording of reminders.
We don't have an App yet, but our website is fully mobile responsive and it's easy as an app.
We release all payments collected daily. You will receive your funds via BACS within 24 hours.
No, you can create as many collection pots as you wish simultaneously.
Yes, AutoSplit is safe and secure. We use strong security functions to enable the safe collection and transfer of payments.
Yes, you can add as many users as you wish for AutoDebts at no cost.
We accept all the major debit/credit card processers including Visa and American Express.

5% fee from each payment

AutoSplit fees divided by each participant
One Flat Fee 5%
  • Unlimited Pots
  • Unlimited Reminders
  • Unlimited Payments
  • Unlimited Users
  • 24/7 Support